Wedding Services


After the vows have been spoken, the cake has been cut, the bouquet has been thrown, the last dance has been danced, and the last guest has departed the venue in a euphoric, half-drunken haze, only your photos remain. Yes, that does make who you choose to be your wedding photographer a rather important consideration. The right wedding photographer can make a budget wedding gown look like the finest Jenny Packham dress, and the guest who always blinks in photographs to be snapped with their smiling eyes wide open…

For any couple confronted with the task of organising their own wedding, the prospect is a daunting one. You just need people you can rely on to turn up on the day and work their best on your behalf, from the caterers to the wedding photographer.

Along with your own personal memories of the day, the wedding photographs are all you will have to remember it by. It’s seemingly an overwhelming task but finding the right wedding photographer is one of the most important aspects of organising your wedding day as you’ll never be able to relive the day. If your wedding photographs are of a poor, second rate standard then you’ll regret it for ever more.

Are you looking for a photographer who can both put you at ease and produce those amazing images you are hoping for? Of course you are. A wedding photographer worth their salt will be able to produce images that allow you to instantly remember everything about your wedding day when you browse through them, images which trigger how you felt in those personal, private, happy moments, even after twenty years of married life.

Wedding photography allows you to have a documentary of your wedding day in pictures so you can remember all the great conversations and moments shared between the happy couple and your guests.

Photographers are storytellers and observers. You want images that make you happy to remember a particular moment in time, whether you’re walking down the aisle, exchanging blissfully happy glances, or dancing with your dearest friend. The right wedding photographer is someone who you gel instantly with, someone who ‘gets’ you as a couple, someone who’s receptive to your wishes, and someone who can accommodate all your photography requests. If you need this photographer, look to Studio Works Photography to tell the story of your wedding day. We can be on hand to capture you on camera, the laughs, the smiles, and all the special moments.

If you like the idea of natural photography then the style favoured by Studio Works Photography may appeal to you. Moments should be captured in an honest, candid and emotive way, and you should be able to enjoy a fun and relaxed photography experience that produces natural images. Wedding photography from Studio Works Photography will be able to offer you this: a candid, emotive documentary of your day in pictures, giving you, your family and friends photographs you can enjoy looking at for years to come.