North West Wedding Photography

Skilled wedding photography will transport you back to your wedding day in an instant, even after years have passed since you said ‘I do’ in front of friends and family.

When choosing a wedding photographer to document your forthcoming nuptials it’s crucial to find a photographer whose style you, as a couple, like. This can be done by asking to have a look through their wedding photography portfolio to get a taste of how they like to shoot pictures. Do the images have a clear photographic style? Has the photographer been able to capture emotion? Is the focus good? Is the composition good? Are they technically good?

Once you’ve formed an opinion of your potential wedding photographer’s personality and photographic style, it’s decision time. Budget is often an issue, so it’s essential to ascertain what is included in a wedding photography package. Are all their expenses included? What about reimbursement for transportation and accommodation, if relevant?

Studio Works Photography offers a series of all-inclusive package deals in which all expenses are included, so you know where you are at the start. Whether you want all-day coverage of your wedding day or six hours’ worth of coverage of the proceedings, we can meet your budget and your expectations.